From Jill's Desk

From time to time there are topics that I would love to share with our families. This will be my sharing space!


April 2021 - A Reflection

Returning in September was exciting; we were all so happy to be back in the classroom and doing what we all love - working with children. But it was also a bit nerve-racking, to be honest! We were not sure what to expect. There were so many unanswered questions. We all worked hard adapting to the new cleaning routines and following the ever-changing guidelines. Though we were all scared of getting sick or even worse, getting someone else sick, we dove right back in and now, looking back, we really have had a great year. We have such an amazing group of educators that all worked so hard to provide the safest environment possible and still developed a rich and engaging curriculum. I am so incredibly lucky to work with such amazing and supportive teachers!

As we begin to look at wrapping up this year, I am just thankful for the families that trusted us enough to care for their children as they returned to work and some normalcy. And as we begin enrolling for summer camp and for fall enrollment, we continue to work hard at keeping our environment safe, but we have all eased into the routines and the cleaning is now second nature and we all continue to focus on the needs of the children; both their social and emotional development as well as preparing those children heading to Kindergarten.

For families that are looking for a preschool program, I am doing tours upon request. I am sure we will be offering summer camp though the groups might be a bit smaller. Please call the school to schedule a time.




Within our nature and play based approach to early childhood education, we have been working on adding "Loose Parts" materials to both our classrooms and our playground space. We would like to dive even deeper into this approach!


Loose parts play involves using a wide selection of everyday objects and materials to create, build, invent, experiment and play with. Research has found that loose parts play has a significant number of benefits for our children including; 

  • Developing imagination

  • creativity

  • Physical health

  • Fine and gross motor skills

  • Behavior

  • Cooperation

  • Communication

  • Teamwork

  • Concentration in class (just to name a few)

Although at times our playgrounds will begin to look like a building site or scrap yard, rest assured that there will be a tremendous amount of learning involved, not to mention fun! For this exciting new venture, we need your help. We would be extremely grateful if you could search your home/business for any unused objects or materials to donate. The beauty of loose parts play is that it involves up-cycling and recycling unused objects and basically anything goes – the stranger the better! All we ask is that the objects donated are not sharp (including if broken) or treated with any toxic chemicals. Attached is a list of suggestions of the sorts of things we are after. These might seem unusual play items, but they can be used endless different ways, allowing children to make anything from an obstacle course, racing car, palace or cubby! Many thanks in advance for your contributions. Bring on the endless play and learning opportunities