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Outside Space

We believe that time spent outdoors is very important to each child's development. Not only are the children able to use and develop their physical skills like running, jumping, skipping, rolling, climbing and pedaling, but they are able to use all of their senses to become part of the natural environment. There are flowering plants and vegetables in the gardens, and a mud kitchen and sand box for digging, exploring and tactile experiences.


While playing outside the children are able to engage in safe risk-taking activities that help them become confident and test their abilities as they grow and develop. There are building materials that encourage cooperative play; working with peers allows children opportunities to negotiate, plan, problem solve and work on conflict resolution. 

Not only do we have a wonderful playground, we also have a large field area that we take the children into to play games, to run, and to do large group activities. We also have a beautiful walking path on the property that allows us to see large trees that are tapped for syrup and at the bottom of a large hill the train tracks run along the border and we can see (and wave) to the trains as they pass. 

Within our daily schedule we spend over an hour on the playground in the morning and the afternoon. We also take nature walks and go bird watching with binoculars.

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