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Co-op Information

What are the benefits of attending a cooperative preschool?

Studies show that parent involvement in education is the factor most highly correlated with children’s school success. Parent involvement is more important than social class, teacher’s input, or even the curriculum. Children that are able to see the connection between home and school gain a stronger appreciation for learning and involvement.  In a cooperative program parents get to be an active part of their child’s first educational experience.

Outside of the classroom and school, cooperative preschools build a community for your family that extends beyond after-school hours and vacations and into your child’s school years. Co-op families develop bonds that last a lifetime.

What is our definition of a cooperative preschool?

At Middlefield Children’s Center, our cooperative involvement is a little different than traditional co-ops. Our program is owned by our cooperative families, we do have a board of parents that over see the business of the program and we do ask families to be active members in helping with fundraising, public relations and maintaining the building. However, we do not require parent participation in the classroom. If a parent(s) would like to help in the classrooms, we encourage their involvement, but it is not a requirement. Our teaching staff includes a director and teachers that all have backgrounds and degrees in early childhood education.

Our non Co-op option...

We recognize and respect that many families have working parents and they cannot make the commitment needed to be a co-op family. We welcome all families to be part of our program. Non co-op families pay a slightly higher tuition and we do ask that they help with our major fundraisers, but we do understand that the day to day business of school might not fit into their schedules.  

Whether families are involved in the day to day working of the business and the building or are only able to help a few times a year, we acknowledge and understand the importance of the home and school connection for a child’s success. In collaborating with families, our goal is not just Kindergarten readiness, our goal is to help children develop a passion for learning and to become life-long learners.

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